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Historical Dramas, Human Rights Theater, NGO & Museum-Based Theater

Traveling the world through its productions, developing events inspired by their content, offering a storehouse of plays to produce while always creating new ones through enriching partnerships.

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Historical Dramas

Plays that come out of a place or a history

Human Rights Theater

Illuminating the world’s struggles

NGO & Museum-Based Theater

Helping or articulating a mission

World Communities believes theater can be especially vital when it is relevant to a place, a mission, a culture or a history. We believe theater shouldn’t be content in being just a production, but can be the impetus for many things, including travel, oral history projects, festivals, symposiums, and special events.

World Communities believes the potential for art exists anywhere, in almost any story, if an artist is involved in telling it. The value of the work is not a function of the apparent significance of the landscape, but rather the skill and insight of the writer who looks upon it. By bringing in professional artists and challenging them to find art in out-of-the-way places and unarticulated narratives, both worlds are made bigger for the benefit of the audience.

World Communities believes in new work. We believe that if all educational and professional theater committed to doing one new play a season, it would innovate American Theater. World Communities’ particular focus is on new work that is non-fiction and all the unique offerings and opportunities that flow from such plays.

World Communities is also interested in collecting stories from playwrights about how they have written and produced various forms of Non-Fiction Theater, and using that repository of information to help inform and encourage other writers in the genre. To add to the archive, please fill in this form.

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“I was impressed inspired and moved. I laughed, I cried, I thought it was a great play.”

— Jimmy Carter Press Secretary Jody Powell on the play “Transcendence.

“Tom’s play ‘Streets of Gold’ is a beauty!”

— New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s keynote address on behalf of “Streets of Gold.”

“This show is so important because it tells us so much about who we really are”

— Penn State Football Coach, Joe Paterno, Keynote Speech on Behalf of “Streets of Gold.”

“Is it possible to feel despondent yet uplifted, depleted yet overflowing, ravenous yet sated, peaceful, yet tumultuous? Yes, and to experience a myriad other emotions as well. Tom DeTitta’s ‘American POW Drama’ has presented the people of Georgia a rare gift to be shared with others.”

— Beth Alston, Editor, the Americus Times Recorder

“One of the best Historical Dramas in the country is presented in north Georgia. ‘Reach of Song,’ Georgia’s Official Historic Drama by Tom DeTitta provides a fascinating glimpse into the life and culture of the Southern Appalachians.”

Inside Cobb Magazine

“We were utterly blown away by the reading of Tom DeTitta’s play ‘Prayer of America.’ This is a remarkable work.”

— Invited faculty, West Virginia University School of Theater and Dance

“Ninety-eight percent of Habitat for Humanity’s affiliates rated ‘Darkness Lifting’ as excellent.”

— Post-production survey from Habitat’s 25th Anniversary International Celebration

“We were profoundly impressed by the ‘American POW Drama.’ Tom DeTitta did a masterful job putting the production together. God has surely given him a tremendous talent and he is using it to great advantage to benefit everyone who has the privilege of seeing what he has put together.”

— Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat for Humanity

“‘Following our Fannie’ is structured in a way that incorporates all the silly vaudevillian aspects of the 20th century with modern theater. The play includes comedy routines, song and dance and juggling or acrobatic acts, as well as fire-eating and magic tricks.”

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

“An officially good drama! It took two years of talking and listening for Playwright Tom DeTitta to gather together the fragile fragments of everyday life that compose ‘Reach of Song.’ Such real-life ingredients make good theater. You generally have be around forever to become a state’s official something. But after its first season, ‘Reach of Song’ became Georgia’s Official Historic Drama.”

Southern Living Magazine

“‘Streets of Gold’ was very successful in dramatizing several major themes in American history. I discussed the play with Governor and Mrs. Casey and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the October 17th performance. We all agreed, Tom DeTitta’s words, characters and stories connected with the audience. There can be no higher praise!”

— Brent Glass, Executive Director at the Pennsylvania Museum and Historic Society

“‘And Grace Will Lead Me Home: The American POW Drama,’ is a smash hit! Tom DeTitta has written and produced a play so vivid, so real, so painful, so powerful, so provocative that we each take something home to ponder… There were few dry eyes when the lights came up. Men and women filed slowly out of the building weeping openly.”

Americus Times Recorder

“Tom DeTitta has the mountains within him and through his hit play ‘Reach of Song’ he has done a great job in telling ‘our’ story.”

— Georgia Governor Zell Miller

“The new generation of writers in historic drama is led by Tom DeTitta. Until Mr. DeTitta’s ‘The Reach of Song’ it was considered impossible to present intimate psychological issues in a production that had to play loudly and boldly to reach the back rows.”

— Rodger Lyle Brown, Atlanta Journal/Constitution

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