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Photos from the performance of “The Reach of Song” Photos from the performance of “The Reach of Song”

The Reach of Song

Southern Appalachia

An epic and authentic celebration of mountain culture as seen through the life and works of native poet Byron Herbert Reece, “The Reach of Song” is uniquely staged with professional actors working beside the people who have lived the story. The show features some of the best musicians and singers in the region performing Shaped-Note Singing, Bluegrass, and other native music. The ghost narration of the former poet laureate of Georgia provides a depth and perspective to the narrative. The play also tracks the dramatic social change that, since World War II, has threatened this culture’s very existence. “The Reach of Song,” was named the State’s Official Historic Drama by the Georgia Legislature.

Words from the Playwright

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Cultural Immersion Experience

Experience Southern Appalachia from the people who know it best by following the trail of the “The Reach of Song” and the people whose lives inspired it. Retrace the artistic journey of the poet Byron Herbert Reece and explore the source of inspiration for his work. These ancient and beautiful mountains are filled with music and lore. The trip provides a privileged and intimate perspective on the land and its people.

A sign quoting a passage from The Reach of Song
Stores in Southern Appalachia
Music circle in Southern Appalachia

Perform The Reach of Song

This play that is the heart of Southern Appalachia, its music, its lore, its people, is usually produced in cooperation with the playwright who works with the community to create a version of the show that incorporates the stories of the people performing in it. World Communities sets up a contract for that exchange to take place. The script is also available for typical royalty arrangements. World Communities can provide a cultural immersion experience that, like the play itself, provides a special view into Appalachia.

Perform The Reach of Song