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Picture of the World Communities Director, Tom DeTitta
Tom DeTitta

Playwright, Author

Invitation from the Director

World Communities associates are people who have been instrumental in bringing our plays to life. Associates are also those whose talents and ideas have been sought or welcomed to further the growth of the organization and to realize the potential of non-fiction theater in its many articulations. Associates are among the pool of talent from which we draw upon to implement particular projects. These are people who have a broader understanding of what theater can do educationally, culturally, and artistically, and who want to be a part of expanding its reach. Beyond the scope of our projects, World Communities Associates are a resource for organizations looking for innovative professionals or for those whose particular expertise can contribute, whether as a speaker, artist in resident, advisor, or paid professional.

If you are interested in being a part of all we do and furthering the discussion and application of non-fiction theater, please contact me personally at Expectations for associates are that they contribute through ideas, services, networking, and resource development, and also that they be available to contract for working on World Communities projects. As World Communities is not a 501 C-3, there is no fundraising or financial giving expected. Associates are kept abreast of all World Communities events and discussions and can participate in all activities.