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World Communities plays are created through intimate, ongoing relationships with their subject matter. They are the result of years of interviews and research. As such, they provide a privileged view into the worlds they embrace. Performing a World Communities play is a special event. The play can either be offered as a script to a producing organization, or a partnership can be created with World Communities for the production of the show.

The play begins a journey that continues to other places. World Communities links the performance of its plays to optional travel related to the subject for a rich cultural experience. The international trips or domestic cultural immersion opportunities are tailored to fit the needs, budget, and interests of the group. While not all of those attending a production will be interested in making the trip, World Communities offers the unique opportunity of seeing a show and traveling to the source of its inspiration.

Sometimes, World Communities will announce a trip itinerary available for any group who produces a particular World Communities play. Information about these happenings will be posted on the website.

Always, World Communities shows are a springboard to other events, such as symposiums, cultural festivals, speakers, and classes. World Communities works with its partners to realize the full cultural and educational opportunities of each story we present.

Below is a summary of plays available for performance, as well as a description of the place where it was created, notes from the playwright on the process of creating the play, and an overview of the travel-related experience offered.