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Darkness Lifting

Ghana, Sandtown Baltimore, Fiji, Northern Ireland, and Chiapas Mexico

In Ghana, a “Second Wife” tried to overcome what she believed to be demons possessing her. In Northern Ireland, a grandmother struggled with the religious divide in her country. Generations of poverty and violence attempt to overwhelm a single mother in inner city Baltimore. Commissioned by Habitat for Humanity for its 25th Anniversary Celebration, the play puts a face on poverty through the stories of five Habitat homeowners trying to overcome the circumstances of their lives. “Darkness Lifting” gave the organization’s staff, volunteers, and donors a direct view of how their work changed people throughout the world.

“Darkness Lifting” is best performed in conjunction with a Habitat for Humanity affiliate. As such, it gives area affiliates an opportunity to showcase the organization’s work throughout the world and show area participants to be a part of a much greater effort. Part of the production includes World Communities adding a new story to the play about the homeowners in the place where the affiliate is located. The event provides an excellent opportunity for fundraising and awareness.

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Any Habitat for Humanity affiliate, or institution working with them, interested in using “Darkness Lifting” as a tool to promote their effort can contract with World Communities to have the play produced, as well to arrange events surrounding the production. The play is comprised of five vignettes. As part of the arrangement, World Communities will research and write a new vignettes created from the stories of Habitat homeowners in their area. That narrative takes the place of one of the earlier stories, and becomes enshrined as part of future productions.

Perform Darkness Lifting