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The plays created by World Communities fall under three genres: Historical Dramas, Human Rights Theater; and NGO/Museum Plays. All of them utilize the process of Partnership Playwriting, whereby the playwright enters into an exchange of information for perspective with the community or institution about whom he or she is writing. Throughout the process, the playwright offers up versions of his script for review and critique, ensuring an accurate depiction of the subject matter. Through this relationship, the process of creating the play becomes almost as important as the play itself, providing an opportunity for reflection, learning and sometimes, in the case of Human Right Theater, healing. Often, the playwright is assigned a script committee with whom to work.

Graduated Commitment Contract

The creation of any play involves a series of three steps which are committed to independently.

If you are interested in creating a play with World Communities, please fill in the form below so that we can begin a dialogue. If World Communities choses to engage a project, after receiving this information and contacting the organization, the director will travel to meet with those interested in having the play written, and will spend two days doing interviews while visiting the area. From this interchange, he will write a two or three page reflection about the potential for the play. This can then be used by the organization to gain support for the project. World Communities does not charge for this service, but asks that pre-approved travel expenses and hotel accommodations be met. Included in this initial report will be an outline of costs associated in the next two stages of writing the play.

The second stage of writing involves the creation of a scenario which is a more detailed version of what the play will be, as well as a description about how it might be produced and marketed, and an approximation of the costs involved. As part of this assessment, World Communities always looks to involve local organizations in the execution of the project.

The third stage is the completion of the script, which is likely to be written and rewritten after feedback from the community.

Each stage proceeds independently, and if the organization decides to end the project after completing one of the stages, there is no requirement that they continue with the next stage. By having the director write the initial reflection, the organization is not bound in any way to continue and no fiscal liability beyond the payment of travel expenses.

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