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Travel Opportunities

International Cultural Tourism/Study Abroad

In a world whose inhabitants roam, and whose stories resonate on different parts of the globe, World Communities especially looks to create theater that connects narratives: creating the play in one location, then sending the production to other locations in the world where it is also relevant, generating travel and cultural exchange opportunities in the process. When an international production is not possible, World Communities will offer a travel experience to the source of inspiration for the play. The production of any World Communities play will offer either a trip abroad or a domestic cultural immersion opportunity.

Domestic Cultural Immersion Experiences

The production of a preexisting World Communities play away from where it was written, generates the opportunity for a specialized trip to the place of its creation. The trips are planned and executed by World Communities.

Student exchange, Konu, Japan
Motorcycles filling the streets in	Saigon, Vietnam
Sunset in Fiji
Men Playing Chess on the street in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Artchitecture
Boy with his father on a motorcycle in Saigon, Vietnam
Matera, Italy
Children in Ghana standing by the daily catch
Countryside in Bulgaria